About the Founder

What's up people! I'm Christian Spears, founder and principal at Attitude and Effort Coaching. Welcome, and thank you for checking us out!

I would love for you to join us in our journey to discover untapped potential through the ideas, concepts, and relationships between attitude and effort, with an end goal of optimizing performance.

Certified Professional Coach
B.S. Behavioral Sciences
M.S. Organizational Leadership
Affiliate Professor
Professional in Human Resources®

My Story

Originally from Dallas, Texas, I was raised on the principles of character, integrity, and a strong belief that hard work and dedication always pays off. Football was a major part of my life growing up (Texas kid, go figure), and my athletic and academic abilities led me to the United States Air Force Academy where I played football and studied Behavioral Sciences.

My years of undergraduate studies paired with several years of service in the United States Air Force provided me with a plethora of leadership experiences as well as a ton of engagements with world class professionals. Whether jumping out of planes, shaking hands with President Obama in 2015, or serving alongside diverse groups of professionals in northeastern Italy, I have encountered incredible experiences that have honed my skills as a professional, leader, and coach.

I have encountered many challenges and obstacles in my personal and professional life, many of which led me to believe I wasn’t the smartest, strongest, or most capable person. However, I learned early in life that virtually anything can be accomplished with the right attitude and the right amount of effort.

I truly believe in the strong relationship that exists between attitude and effort. I am on a journey to support others in capitalizing on this relationship and leveraging it for true transformation in their lives.

Professional coaching is an incredible investment in your personal and professional life.

As a certified professional coach from an International Coaching Federation accredited coach training program, I am equipped with the skills and competencies to support you in your endeavors.

My Experience

HR Certification Institute

Professional in Human Resources®

International Coaching Federation

Certified Professional Coach

United States Air Force Academy

B.S. Behavrioral Sciences

University of Colorado

M.S. Organizational Leadership

Colorado Christian University

Affiliate Professor